Support for Chinese Digital Marketing

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Need More Marketing Leads and Less Routine Buzz While Conquering Chinese Market?

Searching for a new audience of your business in China can be tough due to:


Optimizing budgets for online ads and full-cycle digital marketing in China

Not enough experience with WeChat and other messengers popular in China

Lack of level for free tech and marketing communication with Chinese customers

Lack of information for efficient budgeting on Chinese market.

Meanwhile localized Digital Marketing in China can give you:

New users for your website or buyers of your goods / services via your online store

Wide engagement via chat platforms and encourage existing customers from China to get new purchases and orders

Increasing online sales in China and Asian market in general

Optimized budget for online promotion in China


There are several ways to launch your own ads and digital marketing in China:

You can set up and perform all the components of digital marketing in China by yourself

There are a lot of problems with this method: you will have to understand the local preferences, tech, marketing and social peculiarities, tweak up the campaigns and provide a high level of engagement via your own sources. In the meantime your competitors are already fully working with Chinese market. So why should you wait and learn?

You can hire a freelancer to start a campaign in China

This method has its own risk: quite often, the freelancer does not have time to look through the specifics of your business, therefore, he can make mistakes and lack an expertise. As a result, you're wasting a significant portion of your advertising budget and your customers in China are not satisfied.

You can launch a full-cycle marketing in China via stable professional partner in this region

In this case, your helper will be the company with many years of experience in setting up and running campaigns on Chinese digital market. It will be the partner ready to work under an official contract and to be responsible for the promised result.

Is it difficult to organize digital marketing in China?

We guarantee: there is nothing special — if you trust to lead your campaigns to experienced agency

Consulting and provision of basic advertising tips — within 24 hours, from 10$

Creating a campaign from scratch and setting up main tools for Chinese market — 10 days, from $ 10

Consulting and provision of basic advertising tips — within 24 hours, from 10$

Full procedure for conducting ad campaigns and managing bids and budgets, ads as well as keywords in Google Ads — 10 days, 10 $

Audit and analysis of the performance of your digital marketing manager working with Chinese market — 10$

Providing tech and marketing support for clients in China — 10 $

How Dziga team can help you?

We can be a great help if you need:

Optimizing budgets for online ads and full-cycle digital marketing in China

Creating an ad campaign from scratch and manage advertising rates on Chinese popular online platforms

Promoting your site and increase the number of targeted conversions with the keywords you’ve defined for Chinese market

Increasing clicks and conversions from China

Reducing ad bids as well as ``empty`` clicks

Avoiding non-targeted traffic and ineffective budget spending

Full-time support for your clients in China

Here are 7 steps to launch your digital marketing campaign in China:

We accept your application by email / via the application form below, or through our social network profiles as well as WeChat. We contact you back within 24 hours — and arrange a call or consultation in a messenger.

During the conversation, we get to know what requirements and expectations you have about advertising your business in China — and find out how we can help you.

We present a plan of work and get a list of necessary data from you to start a promotion on Chinese market.

In 7 days, we're having another video session with you — and we provide you with a refined work plan, a budget for digital marketing campaign in China and the list of expected results.

We agree on the cost of work and terms of the ad campaign as well as other digital marketing activities.

We get access to your advertiser's cabinet in Google Ads, the Google Analytics profile as well as Campaigns and Keywords Planner or any other tools you want to use for digital marketing in China.

We send you the results and analytics of your campaign every 7 days as well as discuss any changes in marketing campaigns.


Our experience

We’ve been working since 2014 with clients from:

While working with different companies, we have:

Performed digital marketing campaigns for B2B / B2C in China
Created ads with Google Ads, YouTube Ads and additional marketing tools
Advised startups about online advertising in China
Boosted traffic to 10% for websites
Helped boosting conversion for companies up to 10%
Generated backlinks with high relevance

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