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Tired of low CTR and high bounce rate? It’s time to start using Google Ads in a proper way

Searching for a new audience on the Internet can be a tough task, but Google ad tools are here to help. While using the Google Ads service, you can show your ads to potential customers at the very moment when they are looking for a product or service offered by your company.

You will only be charged when the user clicks the ad, switches to the site or calls you online.

Our services

Our services includes ...

Result in 30 days

What results are waiting for you for 30 days of our work ....

How Dziga team can help you?

We can be a great help if you need:

Creating an ad campaign from scratch and manage advertising rates on Google

Promoting your site and increase the number of targeted conversions with the keywords you’ve defined

Optimizing budgets to display Google AdWords ads / Google AdSense revenue for your site

Avoiding non-targeted traffic and ineffective budget spending on online ads

Reducing ad bids as well as ``empty`` clicks

Increasing clicks and conversions

Quick auditing your Google Ads manager

Our experience

We’ve been working since 2014 with clients from:

While working with different companies, we have:


Performed campaigns for B2B / B2C via Google Ads


Created ads in Google Ads Dashboard


Advised startups about online advertising


Helped boosting conversion for companies up to 10 %


Boosted traffic to 10 % for websites


Generated backlinks with high relevance

Our specialization includes:

Here are our specialization...

On Page SEO

On Page SEO On Page SEO On Page SEO On Page SEO On Page SEO On Page SEO

Context Advertising

Web Analytics

Link Building

Comprehensive Internet Marketing

Registration of online business in the European Union


We attend conferences ...

How we are working?

Here are 7 steps to launch your digital marketing campaign in China:

Step #1

We accept your application by email / via the application form below, or through our social network profiles as well as WeChat. We contact you back within 24 hours — and arrange a call or consultation in a messenger

Step #2

During the conversation, we get to know what requirements and expectations you have about advertising your business with Google Ads — and find out how we can help you

Step #3

We present a plan of work and get a list of necessary data from you to start a promotion on Google

Step #4

In 7 days, we're having another video session with you — and we provide you with a refined work plan, a budget for Google Ads and list of results expected

Step #5

We agree on the cost of work and terms of the ad campaign and the expected Google Ads rates for your site

Step #6

We get access from you to your advertiser's cabinet in Google Ads, the Google Analytics profile as well as Campaigns and Keywords Planner

Step #7

We send you the results and analytics of your campaign to manage your ads in Google by the end of the reporting month

Contact us

Any questions? Do you want not only to create a pro Google Ads, but also to promote your website to the TOP of search engines and get better results? We are always in touch:

We will contact you as soon as possible!

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