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Why SEO and Link Building Are Vitally Important Your Business

Have you already attracted a stream of offline customers, but want to expand your audience and attract potential buyers of your products and services?

The best solution for this is establishing a modern website. It allows you to reach an audience of tens and hundreds of thousands of users. But how can you convey information to those who do not know about your company or your website? You definitely will need a website promotion.

There are several ways to promote your site:

Buying ads on social networks and promote pages via them

This method has its drawback: the algorithms for displaying ads on social networks change too often — and it’s not a fact that the budget spent on such advertising will produce any good for CTR, churn rate or revenue

Buying user clicks and page views via traffic exchange networks

The main disadvantage of this option is the high risk of using questionable sites with an irrelevant audience. This will increase the number of clicks to the site, but will not turn views into purchases or orders

Using search engine optimization (SEO)

It allows you to collect the site views and clicks only from those users who are looking for specific products, services or opportunities. Each of such users enters his or her query into a search engine — and receives a set of links. They point to sites which offer the desired information, products or services. Your site should be among the first set of all these links which search engine offers to the prospect customers

How to climb the top of the search results?

Use descriptions for products, pages, services

Use snippets (blocks of text) which are indexed by search bots and affect the position in the results of the search performed

Provide media content and links with alternative text descriptions

Constantly develop your site and receive backlinks to it via third-party websites and blogs in a context relevant to your products, services or business area

Use quality content related to your business and company and distribute it with backlinks to your site and landing pages

Additionally, the position of the site can be strengthened by Link Building. This is the process of getting backlinks from high-quality websites with a real audience (rather than bots) and thematic content that gives real benefit to potential customers of your company (and not just casual articles from the so-called “copywriters”).

What are the results of SEO and Link Building which can be achieved in 30 days?

By optimizing your site and getting backlinks to it from quality sources in a regular way, you can have a set of changes in the first month already:

Get from ... to … quality backlinks

Increase the position of your site in search results by ... lines

Increase targeted traffic for your website by ...%

Reduce the bounce rate by ...%

Increase conversion by ...%

But do not forget that search engines also regularly (once a quarter or per six months, sometimes — even more often) review their ranking algorithms. In addition, it is not enough to be on the "top list" for one or two search queries. You need a team of professionals to consolidate and scale results for your business.

Why do you need the services from professionals:

To regularly make changes to the SEO policy of the site and the content to meet the requirements of the search engine. In such a way you can increase the loyalty of Google, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines to your site

To strengthen the technical component of quality content

To develop link building only on the basis of high-quality sources (and not by using “gray” and “black” traffic)

To cover the maximum number of relevant search queries

To reduce the cost of inefficient components of your site and invest only in those elements and tools of the promotion which really work.

How Dziga team can help you

We will help if you need:

attract new customers with SEO for your website

optimize search promotion budgets

determine audience’s growth factors for your website

get an express audit of your SEO indicators

build a quality array of backlinks

create a budget for search promotion on keywords and phrases

How we are working? Here are 8 points that will make your site visible to search engines:

We accept your application by email / through the application form presented below or via our profiles in social networks. We will reply to you and arrange a Skype-call within 24 hours.

While on Skype-call, we get acquainted with what you are doing in your company. We learn what problems with search promotion exist now — and what you want to change.

We agree with you about the search site audit conditions. You will receive a report and work plan for SEO and link building based on audit results.

You provide us with the necessary access to Google Analytics accounts, Google Ads / AdWords and site administration panels.

In a week we have a second session on Skype with you. We arrange it so that you can get a refined work plan, a report on the current status of SEO and backlinks for your site as well as our plan for what we are going to do next.

We make an agreement with you about the cost of work and deadlines.

We start working — and from this moment we are responsible for everything that will change in the SEO parameters of your site.

Every week we communicate with you, show the results of work and tell you about new opportunities for search engine promotion, SEO and link building.


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As part of our implemented SEO campaigns, we:

Conducted a SEO audit for ... sites

Optimized ... pages for the best search results

Helped increasing conversion by ...% for ... companies

Generated ... backlinks with high relevance

Helped to reduce the bounce rate to ...%

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