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WordPress Development

What is WordPress and what does it give to your business?

Do you need to expand the audience of your business? Do you want to start a blog, found online media or create an online store?

It's time to create a website. It will provide an opportunity to reach an audience of tens and hundreds of thousands of users — and open up new opportunities for growing and earning more.

There are several ways to create a website:

You can make a website by yourself

This method has a drawback: you will need to study design, programming, CSS, search engine optimization, working with plugins, usability and many other interesting things. And it will take much more time than your business can afford.

You can create a site based on the designer ready-made templates and online site-creation services

The main disadvantage of this option is that you are offered a limited set of pre-made blocks, forms, widgets and design options. You will have to choose from them. In addition, a free account of online website design service is very limited in its capabilities. Some online site builders do not allow to transfer the finished site to third-party services or host it on your own server.

You can order a site based on a content management system

The most popular of them is WordPress. Ordering a website from professionals, you will get the exact version of design and functionality that you need — without restrictions and additional expenses.

What does the site for business usually include?

The core of the site and content management system (CMS)

Such systems are customized and closed (as in various services that offer website creation in the constructor) — and universal ones with great potential to use open solutions (as in WordPress)

Plug-ins (tools for solving problems) and site modules

They provide the functionality of the site and simplify the configuration of various parameters and opportunities for users, search engine optimization and interaction with social networks.

Set of pages and sections about the company

Its management, goals, activities, missions

Set of pages with descriptions

For goods and services of the company

Online store or various tools for ordering goods / services

Which the company provides

Blog or forum / community

For users


Feedback form, user’s profile or any other ways of contacting the company

Custom sets and site sections

Which depend on the tasks and goals of the business owner

What results you can achieve with a modern website?

Creating a WordPress site in the first 30 days after establishing the website will give your company:

Ability to attract from 10 unique users per month

Show your goods and services up to 10% of the target audience of your business on the Internet

Get up to 10 backlinks

Increase the number of online orders by 10%

What is WordPress in 2019?

32% of projects on the Internet (according to W3Techs)

59.4% of all sites that have a content management system (CMS)

About 64 million sites in the world (according to Internet Live Stats)

1.1 million new domain names every six months (via Built With)

34% of the most popular sites on the planet — including TED, Etsy, White House, Reuters, Yelp, The New Yorker, TechCrunch, Justin Bieber's personal sites, Katy Perry, Stephen Fry and many other world famous celebrities

Over 159 million downloads of WordPress CMS

70.5 million new monthly publications and over 52 million new comments every month

Over 409 million users and 21 billion monthly viewed pages

And most importantly — among all e-commerce platforms, online shopping platform WooCommerce (built on WordPress) makes up 27.7% of all systems on the market (according to Datanyze).

Do you want to join them? Then it's time to create your website for business.

Why do you need the services of professionals while developing a WordPress site?

To create a site that is easily indexed by all search engines

To regularly make changes to the SEO of the site and content which will follow the requirements of search engines

To create not only a modern website design, but also high-quality content

To forget about all the problems with numerous “site-builders” and manual setting up of each block or option on the site

To launch an online store or corporate online portal from scratch without technical knowledge

Not to worry about redesigns, technical support, any edits and expanding functionality of the site in the future

To reduce the cost of your site, investing only in options that bring real benefits for your business

What does the Dziga team offer you?

We will help if you need:

creating a business card website for your business

launching a full-fledged portal, online media, blog or online themed community

starting an online store

creating a series of landing pages using WordPress features

launching a corporate website with a blog and feedback form

creating customized solution of any complexity based on WordPress from scratch

optimizing and customizing an existing WordPress site, adding order cart, feedback form and payment modules etc.

conducting an express audit of your site based on WordPress

creating a budget for search engine promotion of WordPress sites

How we are working? Here are 8 steps which help you get a modern WordPress site for your business:

We accept your request by email / through the application form presented below / via our profiles in social networks. We will reply you and arrange a Skype-call within 24 hours.

While on Skype-call, we get acquainted with what you are doing in your company. We learn how you see the concept of your future website, its design, content and functions.

We agree with you to create a UI / UX-concept of the site. Based on its results, you will receive a report and work plan for creating a WordPress site in general.

You provide us with the necessary access to the hosting and domain control panel. If you have no pre-owned hosting or / and domain name, we choose domain and book a hosting plan for you.

In a week we have a second session in Skype — so that you get a refined work plan, approve the final appearance of the site on WordPress and our plan of what we are going to do to launch your site.

We agree on the cost of work and deadlines.

We get to work — and from this very moment we are responsible for how your site will look and work.

Every 7 days we communicate with you, show the results of work and talk about new opportunities for your business, which open with launching and developing your site.


Our experience and portfolio

We have been working since 10 with customers from such countries as:

Developing WordPress websites of various levels of complexity, we:

Created 10 WordPress based sites from scratch

Customized WordPress for 10 companies

Helped to 10 projects with the design and search engine optimization

Generated 10 backlinks with high relevance

Helped to reduce the bounce rate to 10%

Optimized 10 WordPress sites

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